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My Credits Page


I have set this page up to share with you some of the fine people who have contributed to the site. I get sent a lot of pictures, and if you know the name of the photographer who took the picture, please let me know so I may put their name here. just click my E-Mail link to let me know. Gallery contributers get their own page with their bus on it.



My goal is to give credit to the proper photographer when I get submissions. This page, and your help, will enable me to do just that. I want to extend my thanks in advance.

Thus far,

Dave Davis, Matt Witkowski, E. Gregory, Rich Galiano, Greg Faulkner, Tyler May, Ted Pelkey, Jason Leeth, Holton L. Eads,

Jonathan Perez, Kevin Neafie, Shane Kirley, Demitri Scott, David Balko, Colton Phillips, Shawn Johnson…


This list will be growing fast!


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