10 Field Trip Ideas for Elementary Students


Field trips are usually an excellent time for teachers and students. They are the highlight of the academic year. Trips present an opportunity for teachers to help students create lifelong memories. With so much to do, choosing the best field trip idea can be a challenge. Here are ten field trip ideas to help you plan for a trip you and your students will live to remember.


Visiting the aquarium is always a unique idea as it immerses students in aquatic life. Rarely do we get the chance to see sea creatures like jellyfish, stingrays, and sharks up close. There’s a lot for students to learn in the aquarium, and lessons apply to mathematics, writing, and science.

Art Museum

A trip to the art museum is typical, but it never gets old. It’s the perfect way to connect history and art. The good thing about art is that it comes in many mediums, allowing kids to enjoy its diversity. What’s more, there are numerous teachable moments that students will enjoy learning something new.

Recycling Center

We’re often doing our best to teach students the importance of protecting the environment. That said, there’s no better way to educate them than taking them on a guided tour to a recycling plant/center. This trip will help them understand more about taking care of the environment and its importance.


With so many animals to see in the zoo, a field trip to the zoo is nothing but fun. You can be creative here and take the kids to see how the zoo’s workers operate behind the scenes. The zoo’s customer care desk should provide you with all the essential information about planning for this trip.


Many factories would be willing to take you on tour with elementary kids. In fact, for some, you don’t have to spend anything.

Sporting Events

Kids would love to see different types of sports. Whether you take them on a soccer or baseball field trip, students will fancy the idea, especially if they get to meet local or international celebrities.

TV Station

Kids love to watch TV, and most will find visiting a TV station interesting. Most TV stations also welcome the idea of taking students on free tours. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to plan for this trip.


Visiting the movies is another great idea for elementary students. If there’s a movie adaptation for a book you finished reading in class, why not take the students for a thrilling show in the movies?

Police Station

Kids would want to know how the police help society prevent crime. These are their heroes, which makes it worthwhile to plan a tour to the nearest police station.

Radio Station

A tour of a radio station is different from a TV station. Kids can tour a local radio station and learn how things run behind the scenes. Book a tour by contacting a radio station’s director.

Use the field trip ideas proposed herein to plan a memorable event with your students. Remember, this is an opportunity for kids to connect with the real world. They deserve the best.

There are lots of choices for elementary school field trips. Kids love to learn, and these options will keep them entertained, learning, and excited.

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