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Toys and Collectibles



This page is to show you just how many different toys and collectibles that are school bus related. I personally have well over 400 toy buses, and once they are unpacked, they will be here. My good friend Dave Davis has as many, if not more, plus he has a massive literature collection. Hopefully, we can get him to show us some here. However, the collection owned by Jason Leeth has my and Dave’s collection combined beat. You have to check that out!


Here are some that I have found, and some of these I have…


Toys and Banks first up…


So MANY, MANY more exist…


Cookie Jars and Planter



Clothes, Pins and Jewelry






Plates and Brochures

(Dave’s Expertise)



All The rest…and then some!


Christmas Ornaments ^






Yard Spinner


Computer USB Thumbdrive, Mouse, and Pad


Much, Much more to come!


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