My Guide To Other Neat Sites On The Web

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Shawns Guide to the Web


I have been looking at various spots on the web that I have found, and really enjoy going to. All the websites I list are either fun or helpful, and you will find no smut or porn listed here, as this is a Kid Safe website.


Click on as many of these links as you wish, they are all working.



I love watching TV… I even like getting the good shows on DVD to add to the collection. If you want to know when they are coming out, visit this site. TV Shows on DVD


If you like haunted places, then this is for you… Shadowlands Lists state by state places to explore.


I am a firm believer in adoption, as all kids deserve a home. If you have the room in your home and heart, please check out the Adoption Photolistings


Car Survey lets you find out what other owners think about the car you have or are thinking about buying. People can write some INTERESTING things.


Classmates is the answer to find all those friends from your high school or military days. Millions of people, including myself, are members. What a great idea this was!


If you want to re-live your youth, or see what the older generation watched on TV, Go to Sitcoms On Line


Online auctions are fun, click here to go to E-BAY


Watch the news on Fox


Find anything under the sun cheap on Craigslist


  I have personally created a few other sites, and they are… Pittsburgh Transit History, GMC Motorhome World , PWConcepts, Cruizers Car Club, and I also made one for the Union Township Police Department. Oh, and lets not forget my own Personal Weight Loss Journey.



More to follow…




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