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I created this page on the site to give you a “daily update” on my training to drive school bus again. The state of Florida doesn’t care if you have driven bus (or trained bus drivers) in another state for 20 years, you still need to go through the state mandated training course, including “observing” . I am betting that most of it will be identical to what I taught in PA, but there may be a few changes…

Should be interesting…and fun.


Day 1


Actually, much of day one was paperwork…lots of it. Not one bit uncommon. Later on, we all went outside for a bit. We have by law to get 40 hours in. We are going to do this!

This is the main garage facility, and the facility where the training is done.


2004 Thomas pusher…There’s a way to tell the year… Rumor has it that we are now going with Blue Bird…But thats a rumor.


This was the dexterity test. It is required by Florida law. Basically, you are timed on things like…how fast you get from the accelerator to the brake, how quickly you can get up and down the steps, and how fast you can make the bus safe, and get out the rear emergency exit. Yes, we had to go out it. I know lots of other states do this. It is necessary because what good is it if the driver can’t assist the student in a emergency situation?


Can you guess the year on the dexterity test bus?

Other than that, and other paperwork, oh…and tests…wow..the tests…most though, are basic common sense…Just have to think a little.

By the way, we have two really great trainers there…Kinda remind me of me when I did the trainer job.


Excuse me, but I need to go do my homework…lol.



Day 2


Today was a lot more paperwork, and still, tons more pop quizzes and movies…It is the state requirements, and it all has to be done… To be very honest, it is amazing how each state does things differently, even sometimes its just one little thing.

We also discussed rail crossings, which has always been one of my pet peeves as a instructor myself. So far, the training is very informative and consise, and is being presented very well. I am going to cut this short, because I have more HOMEWORK!



Day 3





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