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This page is simply going to be used for letting you know whats new on the site. I hope that you still will continue to keep digging around the site, as I will try to keep it interesting.



Did a little tinkering to the inner working of the site, making some changes to videos and a few other things, in order to make the site completely html5. The videos will soon be back hosted on this site, instead of YouTube. Look for some pictures to be added here before the holidays!



Made major changes to the site, including a background change, elimination of a few pages, and converting all to HTML5 standard. I also changed over the videos from the old outdated Flash, to MP4 files all hosted on YouTube. Added a few more pictures here and there and all over… And added a couple drivers to the gallery. I adjusted some of the pictures on the site for better clarity as well.

I do want to say that I must apologize for the lack of updating, I will be doing better, just had a lot happen out of my control. I appreciate your patience, and hope that you enjoy the update!



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