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I am putting this page on here with some things that you can watch and perhaps help you to become an even better driver than you already are!

The first 4 are Powerpoint presentations that I have created. Hope you enjoy them. Most are geared to Pennsylvania standards, but just about all states have virtually the same requirements.

All you need to do is right click the link, and select “save as” into a spot on your computer, then as long as you have powerpoint, you are good to go…


Accident Prevention


School Bus Anti Terrorism and Safety


Railroad Crossing Safety


First Aid For The School Bus Driver – What You Should Know


Speaking of Railroad Crossings, they are pet peeve of mine. As a instructor, I see it too often where drivers whiz right on through. Therefore, I decided a Special Railroad Crossing Training Page was needed.


The poster above represents exactly why you need to be absolutely sure you have your mirrors adjusted properly, and for you as the bus driver to be sure that you tell your students to NEVER bend down in front of the bus to get stuff. For more information, Check out the Mirror Adjustment page.


Speaks for itself…Thank You Alberta! Be sure to look at the Proper Stop page for more details. And for information about the wonderful clueless people who run your red lights, Look at the Running Red page.


Here are some helpful tips on handling what some consider to be the worst group…The Middle Schooler.


Speaking of the middle school group, it is well documented that the biggest majority of school bus bullying occurs within this age group. For a little more information on this subject, head on over to the Stop Bullying page.


If Terrorism is not in your mind, it really needs to be. Take a spin to the Terrorism Awareness page.


Now for some more fun and learning…Classic and informative videos for you to view…


I remember this old next movie from when I was a kid…We watched this in 3rd grade…Ouch…I’m getting old… And then it happened…


This is from the state of North Carolina, and its a good way to learn a proper passenger stop.



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