Hail, Hail…The Gangs All Here!

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Welcome to the School Bus Driver Family Page


This is the page where you can meet the people who make this site tick. There are going to be more people added here as time allows. You can contact anyone by clicking the e-mail button beside their name.

Here we go, time to meet the staff!


I’m Shawn Bennear, the webmaster and the originator of the site. I take some of the photos on the site personally, and I’m the one who selects the pictures to use. It is my privilege to do this site, and I do enjoy it.

I am now living in Portersville, PA, and was driving a school bus again for Seneca Vally, but am now driving a 18 wheeler for a mail contractor.


This is my son, Jeremey, who is 27 and like his dad, likes buses too.



Dave Davis comes to us from McCandless Township, PA. Dave is a excellent photographer, and a great friend, and you can see some of his pictures in various locations across the site.

Dave is retired from being SENIOR (#1) Bus Driver for North Allegheny School District, just to the north of Pittsburgh, PA. Dave has over 34 years in seniority…

Thats dedication!


Tyler May is a 18 year old school bus enthusiast in central Alabama and hopes to drive for Shelby County Schools. He has a passion for taking artistic and regular photos of school buses. His favorite school buses ever are Bluebirds.

It’s nice when the younger set enjoy the hobby as well!




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