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Welcome To Our Story Page

This is a section of the site for you, the driver, to tell a story about something funny that happened on your bus.

We will only list your first name, and state, or your screen name if you prefer, for confidentiality…

Sit back, and enjoy the tales from the road!



Let me begin…

Not too long ago, one of my kids on my elementary bus was talking to one of his friends. They were directly in the seat behind me so I could hear them very clearly. They all knew my birthday was coming soon, and they were discussing my age… which by the way at the time was 43…

The one looked at the other and said “how old do you think he is going to be?”

to which the other one looked at him and smiled and said…

“how old is dirt…”

Thanks guys!



Me again…

Here’s another from the idiocy files… I was driving my bus a few years back when a woman in a Volkswagen cut me off…and I do mean cut off…

I caught her at a light and she was painting her nails, and as it was a hot summer day near the end of school, my door was open, so I had to ask her if she saw me. She smiled at me and said yeah, but she figured I could stop since…




Mr. K from Florida shares these stories…

I had a ESE student on my bus one time that other students on my bus used to pick on once in a while by addressing him as “Retard” and then his first name. Most days I could get them to stop picking on this kid. However, there was this one day when they carried on to far with this, and righteously so the student gets real irritated and stands up and yells to everyone on the bus: “I not retarded, I just stupid.” Well the whole bus broke into such a laughter that there were tears in eyes of almost everyone on the bus including the bus driver. I laughed so hard that I had to pull the bus over to the side of the road to regain my composure. The best part of this story is after that the students went out of their way to be friendly to this student, and they never ever called him a retard again.

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My favorite story is when I got my middle school students laughing so hard that it continued until we arrived to school that morning. I had this one student that I don’t think a single student on my bus ever liked because he was as they often put it a tattle tale. This student was also always late getting to the bus stop, and he would have to run every morning to catch my bus. I was constantly annoyed with this, and to make matters worse he was a slow runner with a very strange gate. On this morning I was in one of my more humorous moods, so I said just loud enough for the students on the bus to hear me: “run Forrest run” just like in the movie “Forrest Gump.” When the student that was running boarded the bus, he got this confused look on his face, and asked why is everyone laughing. One smart ass eighth grade girl still in stitches over what I said pipes up and says: “Mr. K told a really good joke just a minute ago, but your to slow to get it Forrest.”

There was another time when I spoke to a student that once rode my bus for several years, but do to route changes she was forced to ride with another driver for one year. I seen her at a store, and asked her if she liked the other bus driver and she said she hated him because she got into a lot of trouble with him. I asked well what to did you do that got you into so much trouble. She replied, “Mr. K he pissed me off, so I called him an asshole. I said why in the world did you do that you never called me an asshole. She promptly replied by saying, “Well that’s because you’re not an asshole Mr. K.” I just grinned and shook my head.

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AVALEN210 Writes…

One particular summer I was assigned an English Second Language route to the middle school. I had about 12 students on the bus and as they got on after school I greeted each one with a hello and they would smile and say hello back. I had a 72 passenger transit that year and as always the students went all the way to the back of the bus. We left the school, got around the corner and while waiting for a red light I glanced up in my student mirror to check on the students and low and behold they had a watermelon broke open on the seat and all of them had big chunks of watermelon in their hands.

I was dumbfounded, I never saw that watermelon get on the bus! The mess was awful, juice and seeds were everywhere. I told them to clean it up, and instead of asking for the paper towels, 3 of the boys took off their t-shirts and started wiping up the seats and floor. I asked them how they got the watermelon on the bus without me seeing it and they laughed and giggled and said they took the basketball out of the backpack, stuffed the watermelon in there and carried the basketball because they knew I wouldn’t say anything about the basketball.

Smart kids, but I still had to mop when I got back to base.



Frances Writes

I’ve been driving school bus for 15 years and if there’s one thing I can say about my job it is that it is not boring!

On this day it was report card day and I had a group of elementry students all peeking at their report cards and bragging what they got for grades. I have one point on my route where I alow the kids to move up so they can chat with me. I had a Kindergarten boy sitting in the front seat and a grade six student in the seat across from him. The older boy asked the kindergarten kid, “So what do you have on your report card?” The kindergartener with out batting an eye says, “My name!”

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It was just so cute and we all laughed. The little guy looked bewildered and said, “What? What’s so funny?”



Another from me…

My bus I am currently driving just had a new camera installed…I let the elementary kids know about it, and I heard two 1st grade boys in the front seat talking. One said to the other one…”I watch Criminal Minds…He’s gathering evidence!”

A little ways further, almost to the last stop, one of the older student came up and asked if they were still allowed to put up the windows… I told her that would not be a issue as the camera won’t look at that…



Ron writes in…

Retired steelworker, been driving about 4 years.

So I had an 8 year old that was a demon from hell.  Always thinking up ways to fire me up. One particular afternoon he pulled something so outrageous that I pulled the bus over, stood up and began to berate him.  I’m talking I was so mad that I started waving my finger in his face.As I was yelling, he kept staring at me wide-eyed and intent. I thought Iwas finally getting through to him about his behavior! 

After my tirade, his only remark was, “You don’t have any teeth, do you?”.

Zip!  Right over his head!  Deflated, I sputtered, “Of course I’ve got teeth, they’re in my



Another one again from me…

Two of my little boys got on with inflatable light sabres…They sat in the seat right behind me. They proceeded to begin playing with them. The little 1st grade girl behind them, leaned on their seat and was watching them, and then, out of the blue said…

“My mommy has one of those in her bedroom”.

Out of the mouths of babes…LOL



I would like to see a lot more stories on this page, so PLEASE, send me one or two… Heck, as many as you wish… Send them here… Just click my name and it will open a email window.

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