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Interiors, Old And New


I thought that a page of interiors, from different makers and throughout the years would be a interesting addition. I went through some of the other sections of the site and found a few as well as scouring the web for for sale buses.

It is really amazing to me on how much the interiors have changed. Take a look back, and I’m sure you will agree!


1984 Crown.


2005 International front engine bus drivers area.


Old Ford with Thomas body. Looks about mid 80’s.


A Thomas bus with the green interior.


Mid 90’s International with a Thomas body, drivers area.


Nice modern Blue Bird interior, in blue, of course.


Here’s a oldie when the seats had less padding. I believe this is a Carpenter body.


Drivers area of a 04 IC bus.


How about this 04 Blue Bird Vision drivers area.


07 Thomas HDX driver area.


08 Blue Bird Vision.


03 Blue Bird All American FE drivers area.


86 All American…Big difference from the picture above.


This is a 91 All American for comparison.


Mid 90’s All American with the “4way center gauges” There is a button to push to switch between fuel, oil, temp and volts.


The rather spartan trim of the Amtran. Doesn’t that seat look comfy?


Blue Bird CV2000 dash. Chevy Chassis too!


01 Conventional Blue Bird with the Vision style side dash.


Mid 80’s International “S” Series with Blue Bird Body.


91 All American passenger area...


07 Thomas C2 drivers area.


2004 IC Conventional Dash, complete with the cubby for the door handle.


2011 Blue Bird Vision dash. This is one of my favorite layouts.


Lion Bus 2012 operators area.


Here’s a goodie… Look at all that metal! Back in the day, there were nowhere near the standards that we have today.


03 TC 2000 Drivers Area.

1968 Carpenter Drivers area…Compare to the new buses…

1975 Superior Coach drivers area.

2012 Vision.

Another 70’s Superior Coach.

1993 Carpenter passenger area.

2012 IC RE-300 Driver area with the new mandated flourescent seat belt.

International “S” series Superior Driver area.

More to come!


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