Shawns Old A200

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Shawn’s old Bus A200



My old A200 sitting at the beginning of my elementary run, on Robinhood Drive. Check out the raised roof and the odd location for the “bird”.


This is my former bus, A200. It is a 2001 International Bluebird conventional. It is a 78 passenger and it runs extremely nice. It’s powered by a Navistar DT466E engine coupled to a Allison 5 speed automatic, contently sitting in my driveway.


This is my drivers area. Myers is very good to us in allowing us to make our bus “ours”. Mine is equipped (by me) with a Pioneer CD player and Sirius satellite radio, cupholder and a clock. I spent a LOT of time each day in here, as do some of our other drivers.


I like the blue seats…however, the black floor is a pain to keep clean. Even when its swept, it still looks bad… Tinted windows would be nice too…


I really miss this bus…It never broke down on me…




Florida wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, so we came home. And, as if a act of God, The man who was driving my bus left, so I got her back!


Not too much has changed…except someone STOLE the chrome lug nuts I had on the rear wheels…


I have de-cluttered the drivers area as opped to before, and added a state of the art cupholder! I am renewing my “thought of the day” which is a riddle or a fact to get the kid’s brains working. After 3 years gone in Florida, its the first thing they asked about was if I was planning on the “thought of the day”, V2.0…Yep, I did.



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