Liz’s 2005 Bluebird Vision

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Liz’s 2005 Bluebird Vision


This is Liz’s former bus. She drove this bus everyday for the Seneca Valley School Distict. It was bus A-282. The bus is owned by A.J. Myers and Sons in Harmony, PA. Liz actually hopes to one day get this bus for her own.

This bus is equipped with a Cat C-7. Excellent running bus!


Big 100 gallon fuel tank, tinted windows…


Even a plug to plug it in on those cold PA winters…


I personally liked it better with black wheels, but for whatever reason, the company went grey.


Looks good, front or rear…

On to the inside…


Teal colored seats, and holds 72.


The Vision’s control area.


I love the over size mirror…Many mornings between runs were spent in here shooting the breeze!


A view from the rear.


Hopefully, Liz will share some pics of her new bus in Citrus County, Florida, where she is now driving.



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