Shawns Old A200

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Shawn’s Bus A-200




This was the day it came in, before I renumbered it. It was numbered wrong… It is a 2012 Vision, with a Cummins 6.7 engine…


All re-numbered.


This is my drivers area. Myers is very good to us in allowing us to make our bus “ours”. Mine is equipped with a Panasonic CD/MP3 player and Sirius satellite radio, cupholder and a clock. I spent a LOT of time each day in here, as do some of our other drivers.


The old 200 had blue seats…and a black floor, which was a pain to keep clean. Even when its swept, it still looked bad… Not this bus, brown seats and a tan floor! Tinted windows sweeten the pot…


I wonder how long the wheels will stay black? I like them this way. Here is 200 at the UPMC Sports facility on the Southside of Pittsburgh.


I finally got all of my stuff “moved in”


I put this big clock up because I got tired of being asked for the time…and I give the kids a daily riddle or some other tidbit of information as well. They love it!


I love this new gauge cluster too!


This bus, being a 2012, has this little 15 gallon DEF tank on it, to help with exhaust re-generation. It seems to last over a month before it needs more.


There is one thing missing that most every other Blue Bird bus has, but this one doesn’t…Can you see it?


It didn’t take our mechanics too long to get out the grey paint and re-paint the wheels. I liked them better black…


For Christmas this year, I decided to dress up the bus a little with homemade colored light diffusers…Total cost, $2.00, and time involved, 1/2 hour.


This bus has a VGT brake on it, which is sort of like a Jake brake, but not as loud. When you have that turned on (and it always is) you hardly have to hit the brakes and it also controls the downshifting as well. I think all buses should have this feature.


My old bus, a 01 Blue Bird, also numbered A-200, can be found here. She was also a great bus!


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