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The New Project…


School Bus into RV???


I purchased a 1984 Winnebago motorhome, only to have the roof develop a severe leak (that I wasn’t aware of) and the resulting freeze resulted in a mess. A VERY COSTLY mess…much more than the old girl is worth.

The decision was made to look for a inexpensive school bus to convert into a RV.

I checked on EBay, and I was not really enthused with anything that was there. I had decided a long time ago that I didn’t want a bus with a hood. Then I thought about some of the older retired buses we have at work…One in particular…A202, the old one.

I then decided to ask my boss, John, what was the price on our retired A202. He came back a week later with a price, and the project will soon commence.


Here are a few pictures of what we are starting with…

This snowy shot is the retired little bus at the bottom of our hill. Oh yeah, she is a 1991 Blue Bird All American FE (Front Engine)

This bus has a 8.3L 250 horsepower Cummins ISC engine in it, coupled to a Allison MT643 4 speed automatic. Putting that power to the ground is a rear axle with a 4.44 axle ratio. Perfect for highway cruising!


It has air horns, and even has dual battery doors… This is good because one door can be used for starting batteries, the other for house (coach) batteries.


Body is straight, and the tires are even in good shape. There is a little surface rust, but not a big deal.


Another shot of the front of the bus…

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She is a big bus! 84 passenger, but that will change! All those seat will be coming out!


Two roof hatches and 3 emergency windows on each side. Not too shabby… The plans call for the roof airs to be installed where the hatches are now. Just one little problem…The hatches are 22X22, and the roof airs are 14X14. Gotta frame them in I guess…


This is the drivers area… Full complement of gauges, air throttle, even a digital clock! The drivers seat will not last long in there for sure! I remember running this bus to Vo-Tech, and I hated the seat then…Time to look at conversion vans at the yard! I also come to understand that the windshields on this bus are a sought after option, since they are curved.


The side control panel. This may get changed out with a new black panel, with all the controls for the 8 way lights eliminated, and a few more added…such as fog lights, generator, ect.


The gauge cluster… Seems to have gauges for everything…fuel, volts, amps, trans temp, dual air, oil press, eng temp, and of course speed and tachometer. The large steering wheel may be traded for a smaller one out of a TC2000 we have thats wrecked. (May help in getting in and out)


The 8.3 ISC powerplant…The turbo is under the “hot” cover. Last I drove it, it really hauls! The air throttle needs a little tightening, as air leaks out after it sits…dont DARE try to move it after you start it…wait a minute or two, and you wont get the surprise I did once…LOL

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Nothing here that a good cleaning won’t help! This bus has the Williams Air throttle control, and even a digital dash clock.


The left side of the gauge cluster…


The right side…


Even a clock…

Obviously, there will be a whole lot to come on this project, and I think I will be working on it for a LONG time to come…

So much for plans…Johns brother, and the company owner, decided instead to not sell this bus to me, and instead donated it to a local fire department to be cut up and burned for practice…Rest in Peace…




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