Cheryl’s 2001 Bluebird Conventional

cheryl-s-2001-bluebird-conventional Info


Cheryl’s 2001 Bluebird Conventional


This is Cheryl’s former bus. She drove this bus everyday for the Seneca Valley School Distict. It was bus 299. (It was a dead ringer for my former bus 200) The bus is owned by A.J. Myers and Sons in Harmony, PA.

It has the same powertrain as my old bus, which is a DT466 with an Allison 5 speed automatic.


Here is Cheryl…


Cheryl would also like to introduce you to some of her friends…

This is Cheryl and Cindy.


Tammy and Jackie…All these pictures were take on Cheryl’s last day at work, before she moved to sunny Florida!


Even the kids on Cheryl’s high school run said their goodbye on her farewell run…

Nice celebration, and looks like you had as good of group as I did.

Cheryl has more pictures she is going to send.



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