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I would like to welcome you to my legal stuff page. On this page you will find odds and ends about legal stuff, If you know of someone who has provided either information or photos, and I missed putting their name in, PLEASE tell me so they can get credit where due on my credits page


Now, the disclaimers…


Photos posted on this site

1. Credit for photos, if known, is listed on this page.

2. Credit given to photographers is shown by a minimum of the person’s name on this page.

3. A link to web pages but NOT e-mail addresses (due to respect for privacy) will be supplied if requested.

4. Photo contributions are greatly appreciated.


Reuse of Photos from this site

Use of photos on this site is governed by the following:

1. Photos used by individuals or organizations FOR PROFIT must obtain the express written permission of the webmaster prior to use of photos on this site, and I will contact the appropriate photographer (if known) for their permission as well.

2. Photos used by individuals or organizations NOT FOR PROFIT must include proper credit to the photographer and/or website OR obtain written permission of the webmaster. Use of photos for these purposes are usually given, once certain considerations of the use is made by the webmaster.


 Every effort is made to provide accurate and timely information to our readers. This website is done as a hobby, and none of the contributors are compensated for their efforts. From time to time, other projects may inhibit the website from being updated in a timely fashion. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Every attempt shall be made to update regularly in any case. Again, I can’t say this enough…If you see a inaccuracy, or know a name of a photographer who I missed or don’t have, please tell me so I can correct it.

If you have any questions, please E-Mail me…



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