Ken’s 2004 IC RE-300

ken-s-2004-ic-re-300 Info


Ken Betts 2004 IC RE-300



This is Ken’s bus. He drives this bus through the mountains just up from Denver.


This bus is numbered 453. It belongs to Jefferson County Public Schools…Jeffco, as It’s Otherwise known.


This is a item that I like. The rubber protector around the parking brake takes that “snap” out of pulling it on. I gotta get one.


At least the floor is tan…Those buses with black floors, especially in the mountains of Colorado, would be tough to keep clean.


By the way, this is Ken…proudly sitting in the drivers seat…


This is clever…Merry Christmas…Wonder if the kids looked up?


Apparently, Ken has a great sense of humor, and in this job, that’s a good thing!



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