Where Buses Go When The End Has Come

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Rust In Peace


This page is dedicated to the old buses who are laying to waste in the yards and fields across America. Most of these buses are beyond repair, but stranger things have happened. Toward the bottom of the page, we will also dwell on natural disasters and fires…Both ending these buses lives…





















































This bus actually is SUPPOSEDLY haunted…Read this…GOATMAN’S GRAVE, located 10.3 miles east of Rolla or just a few miles south of the town of St. James. This site may also be known as SPOOK HOLLOW by the locals in St. James MO. Visitors report seeing strange prints and seeing phantom vehicles which seem to disappear and reappear out of nowhere. Often photos taken of this area won’t develop. There are reports of flashlights not working inside the cemetery. Other people are reporting seeing a figure along Country Road 3450 which runs north of the cemetery. These two stories may or may not be related. Red glowing eyes have also been seen coming from inside the remains of a bus going in the other direction on Pine Hill Road. The cemetery is located from where Pine Hill Road & Country Road 3450 meet by going south on 3470, a short dead end road. Here is a link to another haunting…
















The last 3 pictures are located at a well known diving area in Bethlehem, PA called Dutch Springs Quarry. The have sunk items such as fire trucks, tank trucks, a hook and ladder, this bus, and most recently, a Sikorsky helicopter. Very interesting diver training for sure!

Sometimes, though, Mother Nature plays a big part in the demise of a bus. Sometimes they can be relatively new and parked then WHAM, as seen in the next several pictures.









This is the unfortunate result of a tornado that hit Lake School in Millbury, Ohio. It destroyed many buses, as well as the school. 5 people were also killed. This happened on June 6, 2010. If the storm had happened a mere half hour later, the destroyed auditorium would have been filled with graduating seniors and their families.



Destroyed school buses sit among the rubble at Page Middle School, April 17, 2011 in Gloucester, Virginia.



Budroes Restaraunt in Henryville, Indiana.


More from the backyards across the USA…

















































Let’s dwell a bit on a hot subject…Bus fires…Here are a number of pictures of just that…
















More Rust to Come!



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