Jeremey’s 2007 Bluebird Vision

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Jeremey’s 2001 Bluebird Conventional


One of any fathers proudest moments is when your son decides to follow in your footsteps. My son has done just that. He is one of A.J. Myers youngest drivers at 20, and he got assigned this 2001 conventional. Here’s A-346.


It’s not a bad bus, and doesn’t seem to have a governor on it. He has ONE school to do. 21 stops in total. The bus has the T444E engine and a Allison World 5 speed automatic.


Here’s Jeremey…


Another shot of his bus at Upper Eden Christian.


Blue interior and a black floor.


Hmm…a broom is in order here…lol


Modern side dash panel, like the older Visions have. And a cassette player!


This was taken the day he got the bus assigned to him. He has since really did a number on the bus cleaning it all up.He’s going to make it “his”.


At the morning layover…


Sometimes when I am on 201 I meet him at the layover to hang out…lol



A view of some of the Myers fleet at the garage.


I decided to film Jeremey as a sub returning to the garage, so here he is. Starring A454.


Jeremey was around buses when we were living in Florida. He had a job at my place of employment, and he was the bus washer. One of his friends filmed this of him moving my bus after he washed it.


More to come!



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