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The Accident Page



I really thought long and hard about putting this page up, but I feel it may be a wake up call to the select few among us who drive while throwing caution to the wind. As a Instructor, it really grinds my gears to see some of what I see out on the road.

Oh, I certainly realize that School Bus Drivers for the most part are excellent skilled professionals, but every rose bush unfortunately has a few thorns…It’s for those select few that I have decided to create this page. All I am going to show you is the accident photos, and I will not describe any of the details. The pictures speak louder than ANY words I can possibly say.

Please scroll through the photos, and keep them in the back of your mind as to what could happen if you aren’t paying attention to all of whats going on around you. You really need to keep the “big picture” in your mind at all times to safely get your kids where they are going.

Something else that I think every school bus driver should see is the following three videos. Please press the play button, and watch these.

The first video is a accident that occured between a Thomas C2, and a car. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries in the bus. The occupants of the car, unfortunately, are no longer with us.



The second shows the severeity of a accident from inside the bus. The kids really get tossed…And this accident was caused by a out of control car that the bus driver had no control over!


This next video shows just how easy accidents can happen…The bus driver did nothing wrong, and by the time the situation happened there was nothing that could be done.


The next video shows how sometime things just happen so fast, that it really is unavoidable…Or is it? You view and decide for yourself.


Now look at these pictures and think to yourself what caused them, and how could they have been prevented.



I really believe that the biggest majority of school bus accidents can be prevented, with just a little common sense and just being careful. YOU, the driver, are the FIRST line of defense in preventing needless death and injury! Even though you can’t control the other driver, always leave yourself an “out”. You’ll be glad you did!




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