Proper Pickup And Dropoff

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Proper Student Pickup and Dropoff


The proper student pick-up and drop-off is what we will be looking at on this page. The procedures you see here are what we use in the state of Pennsylvania, but most states are very similar. Remember, the safety of your students is in your hands, don’t short cut this. Lives depend on YOU!


The Student Pick-up

1. When approaching the stop, begin slowing the bus to prepare for the stop ahead. Look in your mirrors and around to check for student who may be running for the bus.

2. When you are 150-300 feet away from the loading zone, activate your amber 8 way warning lights. Continue looking for running kids.

3. Approach students with EXTREME care. You never know what they may do. Expect the unexpected! Also, count how many are there.

4. At the stop, set the parking brake, put bus in neutral. (in that order) open the door slightly (if possible with the newer air doors) and make sure all traffic has come to a COMPLETE stop. Opening the door will activate the red 8 way lights, side stop sign, crossing arm, and automatically deactivating the amber 8 ways light system.

5. Check traffic to assure all traffic is stopped, and open the door completely ONLY after traffic stops.

6. Instruct students not to move toward the bus until the bus stops and the door opens.

7. Make sure that the number of student boarded is the same as what was waiting.

8. Check all mirrors around the bus for students, then, make sure everyone is seated on board the bus. Close the service door, which turns off the red 8 way lights, and retracts the stop arm and the crossing arm.

9. Using all mirrors, check traffic again, then put the transmission into gear, then release the parking brake.10. Check children, recheck the mirrors and proceed safely to your next stop.

Seems long and drawn out in writing, but in reality, is very simple and easy in everyday operation. Do it until it becomes habit, and second nature.


The Student Drop-Off

The student drop-off is pretty much the same as the pick-up in reverse order. But let’s review it anyhow.


1. When approaching the bus stop, start slowing down in preparation for the stop.

2. As you approach the bus stop, look in your mirrors to check traffic.

3. When the loading zone is between 150-300 feet away, activate the amber 8 way light system to warn other vehicles. Brake gradually with the transmission in gear while approaching the stop.

4. Do not allow students to stand until the bus has come to a full stop.

5. Check all mirrors again to see if traffic is clear and it is safe for you to stop.

6. Come to a full stop, then set the parking brake, place the transmission in neutral, open the service door slightly (if possible due to bus design), activating the red 8 way lights, side stop sign, crossing arm, and automatically deactivating the amber flashing lights of the eight-way light system.

7. Check traffic and open the door completely after traffic stops, and ONLY after traffic stops.

8. Watch students as they step from the bus to see all move promptly away from the danger zone. Recount the students as they reach a place of safety outside of the danger zone, such as sidewalks or curbsides. Do Not allow student to cross behind the bus.

9. Check all mirrors for students, and make sure students are not returning to the bus, and check
for traffic and other pedestrians.

10. Close the service door to deactivate the red 8 way warning lights, side stop sign, and crossing arm.

11. Check the mirrors, put the transmission in gear, release the parking brake, recheck children, recheck mirrors, and then proceed safely to your next stop.


As we all know, and this is a MAJOR issue, is other motorists running our lights. It happens on a daily basis. Seems like today there are so many distractions such as cell phones, complex car audio systems, fast food, and so many others that can and do draw peoples attention away from where it needs to be…

Paying attention to whats going on!


Iowa just passed a new law with some really severe penalties for running red lights…

Please look at my page dedicated to all the red light runners…

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