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Old Photos, Part 2


I have put together some photos of school buses from the 1950’s until the end of the 80’s. I am sure there will be something here for everyone. In the event you are looking for older stuff, go to the Old Shots. Photos on “Old Shots” are from the beginning of school bussing until the 40’s. If you are looking for buses newer than the 80’s they can be found on the Modern page.

Now let’s journey back in time…


This is a 1973 Wayne Lifeguard school bus from an ad. It has a Ford chassis.


Two children exiting an International R-183 School Bus. The children are greeted by a woman, possibly their mother. A man, possibly the father of the children is retrieving mail from a mailbox, in the year 1953.


This shot of a school bus interior is from the late 50’s. Check out the safety features such as the bare metal seat backs, pole in the middle of the aisle, and whatever that is on the floor…hmmm…Safety first!



This retired 1976 Thomas sits in a yard…perhaps awaiting conversion into a RV or storage shed.


This is a BlueBird Bus from 1981.


I took this shot myself in the Bronx section of NYC. I found the left side exit door interesting. This was around 1985. Bus was a International/Carpenter.


This was the first school bus I was ever assigned to. It was a 1984 GMC Blue Bird, and I ran it in the North Hills School District. It had a GAS 366 V8 engine and a automatic. I only had it a few months then the boss decided to give me the first diesel in the North Hills fleet, because he figured I wouldn’t mind taking it for fuel.


This shot is of the Pittsburgh Laidlaw garage ( old J.W. Schmitt) in the early 80’s. You can see the GMC’s in the newer and the old style, and to the left is a old Wayne body.


Another snowy shot of the same garage from above. There were a couple rear engine All Americans in the photo.


This is a 1996 Rear Engine Thomas Safety Liner, preparing to be sold and converted…or scrapped.


This is a 1983 Superior Conventional, 72 passenger bus and is located in Sun Valley, California.


This is a 1977 Superior Super-Cruiser Foward Control bus. looking at the design, I can understand why they don’t build them anymore. Beside it is a Superior Conventional with the butterfly hood. These were operated by operated by Akron Public Schools in Ohio.


Here is a 1978 Superior Super-Cruiser Foward Control bus operated Revere Local School District in Ohio.


Photo © E. Gregory, Photo may not be used for any purpose without express written consent of Copyright holder.

Here is a unique bus…#11…It’s a 1983, Crown SuperCoach Tandem! This bus was operated by Certified Transportation Service, in Orange County, CA, now believed to be owned by Roadmaster.


Here is a Carpenter conventional on a Ford B-700 Chassis. It is owned by Chippewa Local Schools, in Ohio.


1982 Carpenter conventional on a International chassis. it has been retired and now is being gutted for its parts.


Here are 3 buses that get my vote for being ugly… However, these are 1980 Carpenter FE buses. These coaches were operated by the Norton City School District in Ohio.


Here is a old 70’s era Superior body on the International Chassis.


Heres a old 82 Chevy with a Thomas body. The new C2 is right behind it.


A 89 Blue Bird All American, with the engine in the front.


A Bluebird Minibird, on a Chevy Chassis.


Apple Valley Crown Dual Axle.


Mid 80’s Carpenter/Ford owned by Laidlaw.


Here’s the ultimate in driver comfort here in this mid 80’s Wayne body. Look at all the amenities, then look at YOUR bus again…


Here’s a oldie but goodie…Mid 70’s International with a Carpenter body in Wayne, PA.


1986 Blue Bird All American.


The dash of the 86 All American, The hardest part was climbing over the doghouse.


1985 International Bluebird, This was the “S” series.


The drivers area of the “S” series Bluebird.


1956 Wayne with the International Chassis.


Row of old buses from the 60’s…Looks like two Fords and a Dodge.


1962 Wayne bus, International Chassis.


1968 Wayne body from Ohio.


1987 All American from Ohio.


Old shot of a bus garage in the 60’s


1973 Superior Coach/GMC.


1974 Superior Coach with the International butterfly hood.


1975 Carpenter.


1978 Carpenter from Ohio.


1977 All American from Ohio…Check the two “8 ways”


Chevy, International, and a old Ford…all in a row…Early 70’s.


Three old Ohio Wayne Lifegaurds.


Westlake, Ohio yard from the early 70’s.


1968 Dodge loading up its students.


Mid 70’s interior shot, Bus is a Carpenter.


Here is a late 40’s bus running in Harmon County, Oklahoma.


Ohio 1969 GMC with Superior body.


How about a 72 Ford/Superior?


Mid 50’s buses at Eatonville, Washington.


Old Carpenter bus from an ad…Plaid pants…WOW! (I had those…)


Early 50’s buses in White Oak, Texas.


Here’s a early 70’s Ford and Chevy, both with Thomas Bodies.


Hobbs New Mexico, Bus Barn and bus. And the most important, the drivers.


Early 60’s bus in Nevada.


1985 Superior “DK” Model…


87 Blue Bird conventional on GMC 6000 Chassis.


Mid 80’s Ford B-700 Blue Bird convnetional.


1950’s Blue Birds loading up…


1952 Superior on a Ford Chassis.


Another 52 Superior Ford combination.


60’s Chevy/Superior bus…Still runs!


1965 Blue Bird All American.


Still another 1950’s Superior, Ford based.


Much more to come!

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