Modern Day School Buses

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Modern Day Buses


This page is dedicated to the buses of today…The ones I actually drove, not necessarily RODE…

Enjoy them all!


This is a late 90’s BlueBird GMC chassis, more commonly known as the CV2000. This one is owned by STA. This was taken at the Bortner School Bus Yard in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.


This bus is a Gillig transit style, about a 1997 model. It is in California.


Here is a Carpenter Conventional operated in New York. New York State is one of the few states that requires the buses to have the “BLACK OUT” package. That means no black stripes are permitted on the sides of the coach. However you will see some buses with black hoods.


This is a 1997 AM Tran Genesis. It apparently is out of date now and retired. This was spotted at a bus sales lot.


Here is a 1991 Blue Bird TC2000 shorty. It seems to be well equipped with air horns, PA, white roof, and air conditioning. This one would make a great RV conversion.


This snowbound bus is our old A202. This baby had a 8.3L cummins and really ran! It is retired now and has been donated to a local fire department and has been all cut up for fire training… RIP.


Mid 90’s Bluebird conventional, with a Thomas conventional behind it. Both are powered by International. Owned by Penn Hills School District in PA.


If there was a ugly award for buses, this would be my pick. It’s a 97 Thomas Vista. It was Thomas’ cross between a conventional and a forward control.


Shelby County Bluebird.


Smaller Bluebird, but on a Ford Chassis. I think this would be a 1997 bus.


A Quebec Thomas/Ford. Check the headsign name!


A IC forward control model, from Kingston, NY. IC had just taken over AmTran when this unit was built.


IC conventional in Atlanta, GA.


2008 Blue Bird Vision, second generation.


A few buses from Beaverton, Oregon.


Berrys 2007 Thomas C2 from New Hampshire.


The 2009 Blue Bird Family. Check out the re-designed All-American.


Seekonk, Mass, bus 110 is a All American FE.


Bluebird CV-200 on a Chevy Chassis.


2004 Blue Bird Vision… Reminds me of the ones we had when I was at Myers… Good running buses!


Safe-T-Liner HBX owned by Hebron Academy. I think around a 2006 model.


Huston Texas has this nice IC bus. Love that one piece windshield.


IC forward control somewhere in California. Where else can you find a crown bus in the background?


Carpenter owned by Manitowok Wisconsin. Mid 90’s.


Napa Valley, CA owns this new IC Hybrid bus.


Blue Bird All American for 2010. Look for these on the road!


2009 Bluebird Vision. Looks sharp!


Krapfs in PA owns this Thomas C2.


Here’s a late 90’s Thomas mini bus.


IC conventional in Thibodaux, Louisiana.


Bus 18 is a 99 Thomas, with International power.


Another one of those Vistas by Thomas…But a smaller version.


As opposed to this much smaller C2, a 2006 model.


Wolcott, Conn, owns this All-American RE. Its a 2004.


2001 International CE


2004 Blue Bird Vision Demo.


2007 Thomas C2


2007 Thomas HDX, rear engine bus.


The 2008 Vision, by Blue Bird.


03 IC Conventional.


1994 Amtran, formerly Ward.


1999 Carpenter Cavalier, front engine.


2005 Vision.


2002 All American by BlueBird.


2000 International Bluebird…


Hybrid IC Demo.


3 C2’s at a dealer in Kennebunk.


1999 Thomas International DT466.


Two Blue Birds surrounding a IC.


A small IC, around a 2006.


A 01 International rear engine coach.


Thomas HDX pusher.


2005 Thomas C2, from PA.


A slew of Thomas buses in a school.


Thomas Freightliner…I personally hate the black hoods…


2001 BlueBird, on a cold winters day.


All American FE unloading at a elementary school.


Smaller IC nicely equipped too.

International Conventional with a Blue Bird body.

Amtran and Bluebird, side by side.

Blue Bird Conventional, late 90’s, with the flat black hood.

TC2000 “Ecoshuttle” from Arbor school.

Mid 90’s Thomas conventional getting a new shine!

Bluebird with black painted fenders…Thats different.

Gmc Chassis & a Ward built body. This is late 80’s or EARLY 90’s.

Amtran from Logan in New York…Has the left side door too.

Two of Monroe County Ohios Thomas’s. One on the left is a older “S” series international from the 80’s, while the other is a 1990.

Beautiful example of a new Thomas HDX bus.

This Blue Bird is being made into a veggie conversion. It did its time hauling school kids.

Older Thomas built bus.

First Student # 136.

01 Bluebird All American RE in San Diego, CA

88 Chevy Thomas mini bus.

Brand new 2010 All American FE.

A.J. Myers A249, a International Bluebird.

Mid 70’s Internationals from Shelby County.

Here’s a new one to me…a TC 3000…Never saw this before.

Chippewa Schools mid 80’s Carpenter conventional on Ford chassis.

Ohio Internationals…mid 80’s.

Las Vegas Schools 06 All American RE.

Shelby County 08 Bluebird Vision with LED warning lights.


Lake County Schools FL, 04 Thomas pusher.


1982 Blue Bird with a GAS engine and a 4 speed.


2004 Thomas HDX


All American RE.


Here’s a oldie but goodie. A mid 80’s Carpenter Counselor.


How about a Ward President bus.


This is the biggest cutaway bus I have seen. Mid bus on a International chassis.


This old shorty Bluebird was for sale in Polk County, FL. It even has the old style stop sign.


Late 80’s early 90’s Chevy with a Thomas body.


Kansas City, MO Thomas CNG clean and green bus.


Volusia County FL, All American RE. Volusia is the Daytona Beach area.


DC area IC conventional, late 2000’s.


2007 Blue Bird Vision with the LED warning lights.


2012 Thomas EF.


Not sure who’s this is, but I love that Chrome grille.


2012 Lion Conventional.


Volusia County FL 2619, a Blue Bird All American RE.


Tunkhannock Schools #8, Blue Bird Conventional.


2012 Blue Bird Vision from Georgia.


Bluebird Conventional with Cargo Bays… Wish I had those…


A couple nice bird…a Vision and a All American.


My Companies C-101, a 2012 Vision..Identical to my bus.


2012 Vision, but with all red warning lights…


A freightliner Blue Bird Conventional.


Please, by all means, if you see something that I may have incorrectly described, let me know and I will remedy it.


More to come…



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