Is It Possible to Back Up a Mac With Cloud Storage?


Many of the cloud storage programs available out there are built for Windows. That means many people think that Windows is either the best way to get cloud storage solutions or even the only way to get cloud storage for your devices. As a matter of fact, it is possible to use cloud storage to back up a Mac computer. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to look for in Mac backup software to make sure it’s great for you.

  1. Back Up All Data

It’s typically best for a cloud storage company to back up all the data on your Mac rather than having you select certain folders for uploading. Although selecting only certain folders does reduce the amount of data that you actually upload to the cloud, you might not know exactly what folders are important. This also adds an extra step to the backup process. If you just know all the data gets backed up, you’ll be less reluctant to do it.

  1. Low Impact on Performance

The last thing you want is for your Mac’s cloud storage system to have a huge impact on your computer’s performance. If you’re choosing between backing up your Mac and having your Mac run smoothly, you’re going with the wrong cloud storage company. You need to make sure that the cloud storage program to keep all your information backed up has an overall low impact on the performance of the computer.

  1. Built Directly for Mac

Many cloud storage companies that offer Mac ports of their cloud storage just copy the Windows programs over to a Mac operating system. This means it was actually designed for Windows, but it technically runs on Mac. If possible, you’ll typically want to avoid this. Mac ports of programs designed for windows tend to have more bugs and errors, which can be harmful when it comes to cloud storage.

  1. Trial Options Available

It’s a good idea to look and see whether there are trial options available for the cloud storage company that you’re choosing. A trial option, especially one where you don’t have to provide your credit card information, makes it easy to see whether a specific cloud storage company is right for you. Plus, you’ll be more comfortable paying for the service once you’ve had a chance to try it out and see what all the fuss is about.


Macs can be backed up to the cloud just like Windows computers can. Don’t be fooled into thinking that only Windows users can have high-quality cloud storage – anyone can back up the information from their computer and keep it safe in the cloud. Just make sure that the cloud storage company you choose adheres to these four elements, and you’ll be much more likely to have a smooth experience with no concerns, regardless of what type of computer you’re using.

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