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In 2000, AmTran introduced the IC, a fully integrated conventional school bus. The first models were badged “AmTran”, although within a short time, the buses were badged “International” with the company taking on the identity “International Truck and Bus” from late 2000 to 2001 model years. For 2002, the company’s name changed yet again to IC Corporation and the new conventional bus was re-introduced as the IC CE.

End of Conway Bus Production

On January 11, 2008, IC Corporation announced a layoff of about 300 employees at the Conway, Arkansas Bus Plant. This was just under the maximum number of employees that could be laid off in Conway without the company violating the WARN Act, which requires employers to give 60 days notice of a mass layoff or plant closing. In addition to the layoffs, the company also announced a 50 percent reduction in bus production at the Conway plant. IC Corp. officials cited a lack of new orders as the reason for the layoffs. However,the company had recently announced increased production at the plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This stoked fears in Conway that the company was planning to shut down the plant in the near future and move all production to the newer, and non-union, Tulsa plant.

In April 2009, IC Corporation changed its name once again, this time to IC Bus.

On November 5, 2009, IC Bus announced that its Conway plant will no longer assemble buses after January 18, 2010, projecting elimination of 477 jobs. The Conway facilities will serve as fabrication shops and will manufacture parts, but will no longer produce complete buses. The company cited low demand by school districts and contractors during the recessionary economic climate in the United States. “We have to consolidate our bus-assembly operations into one facility,” Navistar spokesman Roy Wiley said. “Unfortunately for Conway, Tulsa is a much newer facility.”

Product Changes

The IC FE product literature was removed from the IC Bus website in early April 2010, as IC dealers started to announce its discontinuation. Roots of this bus can be traced back to 1990, when the Ward Senator was released. In late 1992 it became the AmTran Genesis. As of January 2011, IC only produces rear-engine transit-style buses (the RE-Series school bus and its commercial-use derivative). In late October 2010, the company introduced the AE, its first Type A school bus since the discontinuation of the AmTran Vanguard after 1996. The AE utilizes a cutaway cab version of the International TerraStar chassis; the AE also features the same interior width and height as the BE and CE.

100,000th Bus

On June 5,2012, the 100,000th bus rolled off the assembly line in the Tulsa, Oklahoma plant. The Tulsa Bus Plant employs more than 1,200 dedicated workers who manufacture, on average, 50 to 75 buses a day. This number has grown significantly from 400 employees in 2001 when the plant first opened. “This plant demonstrates our commitment to the school bus industry by building quality, state-of-the-art product,” said John McKinney, president of Navistar Global Bus and IC Bus. “Because of the hard work and dedication of our Tulsa employees, IC Bus is far and away the industry leader not only in pure sales volume, but more importantly in product quality.” The 100,000th bus marks more than just a milestone, but a testament to IC Bus’ commitment to the community. The Tulsa bus plant contributes to the current growth trend of manufacturing in the U.S., which is illustrated by the more than 1,200 local skilled and office workers there.


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CE-200 in Chicago.


Greenwood Schools CE-200.


IC RE-300 from Aerocoach.


Lawrence Township RE-300.


Drivers area of RE-300.


Greenwood Schools CE-200.


Atlantic Express CE-200.


Front view of CE-200.


2002 CE-200 from Maryland.


2003 RE-200 in Washington, DC.


2011 CE-200 from Virginia Beach, VA.


Maderas RE-300, model year 2010.


Prince George County 2006 CE-200 (equipped for special needs).


First Student CE-200.


2011 (L) and 2004 (R) CE-200.


Broward County, FL, shows this CE-200. (2002)


Fairfax County, VA, has this 2007 FE-300.


2009 CE-200.


2008 BE-200.


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