Ensuring the Safety of School Buses Using Blockchain – What Can It Do?

Blockchain Tech

School buses are a safe mode of transportation for students. They get them from home to school and back, as well as to extracurricular activities. However, this doesn’t mean that every bus is 100% safe. Sometimes drivers have been caught driving erratically or texting while driving the bus, putting their students in danger.

Blockchain has the potential to make school buses even safer by tracking the safety of each student and driver. It will allow parents to check up on their child’s route and driver by using their smartphone app or computer dashboard on their website (similar to any ride-share service). 

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital ledger where transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. The decentralized database can be shared among a vast network of computers, making it difficult to tamper with or destroy. In this system, each transaction (block) gets added to the end of a chain after passing through multiple nodes (users). This makes it nearly impossible to change previous transactions on the blockchain without disrupting the entire chain.

New blocks get created by several users called miners who solve complex mathematical problems using their computers. In return for their work, they receive new bitcoins as well as transaction fees paid by other users when they send money over the network. All of this happens in real-time; you can see every transaction being made right now on sites like BlockExplorer or BTCManager.

This will also allow parents who don’t go online frequently access information about where their children are at all times. It is while having no access issues like bad internet connection or language barriers when trying to contact someone via phone call or email. 

Blockchain uses secure protocols like HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), which encrypts all communications between users. Therefore, no one can see what you’re doing online unless they have permission from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Inc., Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform providers like Amazon Web Services Inc., IBM Cloud Computing Services, etc.

Blockchain’s “Immutable” Ledger Technology

The technology that underlies the digital currency Bitcoin has an ever-expanding number of uses beyond finance.

Blockchain is a distributed database that keeps track of a growing list of documents known as blocks. Each block includes a cryptographic hash of the preceding block, as well as a date and the contents themselves. The hash serves as a unique identification or fingerprint for the data contained in it.

The blockchain is decentralized because there’s no one single authority or person who can change anything on its own. Changes can get made by consensus among many users within the network that share access to the ledger at any given time.

This helps the cryptocurrency exchanges to operate with numerous tokens. Such exchanges can be like OKX (brand), which offers benefits apart from simple trading. The ledger technology makes the overall process seamless and easy.

Protect the Safety and Security of School Buses

Blockchain is being used to track the safety of school buses. You may be wondering what blockchain is and how it can help protect your child on their way to school. 

Blockchain technology has many benefits, but one major one is that it provides a secure way to record transactions or events in a database that cannot be altered or tampered with once recorded. This makes it ideal for keeping track of any data about vehicles in need of maintenance or repair. 

It also means that there will never be any dispute about whether a vehicle got inspected properly or not. There is always an easily accessible record available online which can get accessed by anyone at any time without needing special permissions from an administrator – even if they’re away from work

Since blockchain technology creates such authentic records, some governments have embraced using this method as part of their automated systems for tracking vehicle safety standards through regular maintenance checks.

Parents Can Access All the Data 

The app offers parents a chance to access all the data from the tracking system, including the route, stops, and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. They can also see information about their driver, students on board, and any incidents that may occur during the trip. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The free mobile app will allow parents of students who ride school buses in North America to track their child’s rides as they travel to school or after-school activities. The platform provides comprehensive tracking capabilities for both private and public school fleets using blockchain technology in conjunction with other IoT devices such as cameras or sensors installed on buses.

The App Provides Information About the Vehicle

The app provides information about the vehicle’s route, stops, fuel efficiency, driver, and students. Blockchain technology ensures that all these data are secure and can be used by different parties.

The app has a design that helps provide real-time information about the bus’ location and its surroundings. The parents will receive alerts when their child boards or debarks from a bus. They can also view an activity log of each student on their school bus daily which will include timings for boarding and deboarding as well as location history at every stop.  

It can have photos taken by drivers at some selected locations. These can include universities or hospitals up to 3 km away from school bus stops along with geotags. Parents can see exactly where it gets parked or moving at any point in time if they need help while traveling somewhere else after school hours. 

It is just like how Uber shows you live tracking on Google Maps before booking rides but without connecting ride shares globally. This is not possible due to the lack of technological advancements like flying cars yet.


Blockchain can get implemented to track students’ safety in school buses. The technology could also get used to tracking the bus’ fuel efficiency. Furthermore, it can help monitor a driver’s performance and determine whether they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while behind the wheel. Blockchain can also help monitor students’ attendance by keeping track of who is on board at any given time.


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