Beg, Plead, and Grovel…



It’s Time to Beg and Plead!



I have decided to make this site a more friendly site. I am now going to be making it like a major site, since it seems to be heading that direction as of late.

My plan is to do what I have done with my other sites. I have contributers that alway have new pictures for the other sites. I put their pictures on a page like I have here for everyones name. At the very least, I want peoples names on my credits page.

I have a rather unlimited supply of mailboxes that could be used for my major contributers, which is what I plan to do. If you have something to contribute, and would like to be a member of the School Bus Driver team, please me by clicking on the link.


This site is in need of photos of the following…


Any school bus related stuff at all!


Simple, huh…


Heck, just about anything that is not already here…


Not only will you get your name on the credits page, but if your pictures are used, you will receive a awesome, brand new “state of the art” mailbox at School Bus!


Not bad, huh!

Thanks for reading the shameless begging, so please me and help!

I appreciate it.







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