Rebecca’s 2000 Thomas Freightliner

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Rebecca’s 2000 Thomas Freightliner FS-65


This is Rebecca’s bus. She rides this Thomas conventional around on her way to school on the streets of Sarasota, Florida.

This bus is numbered 2026. It has the Freightliner chassis, and Rebecca says it has a CAT engine, so I will guess it is the C7. Rebecca also says it runs perfectly, at least from what she can tell…


This is a item that I like. It is the first time I have seen a conventional bus with the pushbutton “world” controller. This is much better than the mechanical shift mechanism on some of them.


It appears to me that this bus is pretty well equipped. It has Equipped with a pulsating strobe, dual strobing stop arms and crossing arm, and air brakes and a air door. I bet it has A/C!


I like the yellow wheels, which are a State of Florida Specification, otherwise the bus don’t look too much different than most others on the road.



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